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Virtual Reality

Live Broadcasts 360

The spherical 360-degree video can be closer to places and special moments. A congress, a party, sporting event, etc., with the live broadcast live 360 degrees, can be seen live as if the viewer were there, but with the comfort of your living room.

Companies like Google and Facebook have adapted their platforms to play this kind of content, and others like Oculus, Samsung and HTC are creating devices that have the best personal experience.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours facilitate the sale of a product or service to the target audience the possibility of a preview from their own website, as is done with maps Google Maps. The possibilities of virtual tours are almost limitless.

Show as visual and detailed inside your business improves customer perception about your brand, gives them more confidence and a great first impression.

We make guided tour: houses, buildings, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, construction, vehicles, etc., making sure that the virtual tour meets the highest expectations.

Virtual Tour

Audiovisual services

Our cameras allow new forms of advertising, short films and even more interactive for the public. The spherical 360 degrees allow the spectator himself who choose which is the view you want to have at all times.

If you want to see an example, click on the image and see a short film made with one of our cameras 360.

Aerial Photography and Video

The UAVs allow carry out work that was previously only possible with traditional media and not without danger, increasing productivity, reducing costs in time and money and increasing the accuracy and safety of work.

As a company authorized by AESA, using such devices, we provide in all national, aerial photographs and videos in high quality spherical 360 degrees. Such images can be used in many applications, such as advertising, documentaries, movies, concerts, outdoor performances, security and surveillance, support rescue efforts, relay events, sports and tourism, documentation Cultural / heritage, etc.

Bublcam in Drone

Some of our coverages



Coverage of Frankfurt

Reportaje de DC Comics

Universo DC Comics

Coverage of DC Comics



Coverage of Asturias



Coverage of Heidelberg



Coverage of Cracovia



Coverage of Valencia

Cascos Star Wars Madrid

Cascos de Star Wars

Coverage of  Star Wars



Coverage of Varsovia

Feria de la cerveza 2016

Feria de la cerveza 2016

Coverage of the Feria de la cerveza



Coverage of Praga



Coverage of Zakopane



Coverage of Toledo

Reasons for choosing us


A team with great knowledge and more than 2 years of experience providing solutions.


Result of our participation in a large number of complex projects.


Specialization, dedication and knowledge to ensure the best results.


Time saving

Our cameras create images in spherical 360° directly. is not required to Stitching the images.


Our Drones have a flight time range between 20-30 minutes continuously recording.


Maximum security in the realization of projects, all our teams have liability insurance.


We work throughout the national level.
Our drones can operate in VOS and BVLOS


In VidePan always we have the most innovative products on the market

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