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It is the best camera for 360 videos on the market in terms of quality, usability, performance and price.

Designed by a Highly experienced for VR content creators and professional users, the Z CAM S1 born  with two things top of our mind: super easy to shoot & super good image quality.

It incorporates internal software of stitching of images in real time.

With its 4 sensors Sony EXMORTM  is able to film videos in quality 6K@30fps y 4K@60fps

The Z CAM S1 has professional Grade Optics and precisely Synchronized cameras.

Its incredible design allows for up to 120 min continuous recording when used with batteries or more than 4 hours if connected using an AC/DC.

Highly integrated design

Highly integrated design

Instead of individual camera modules, all four cameras are fully integrated onto one PCB in order to get the sensors closer to each other, allowing shorter safety distance between the camera and object.

Professional Grade Optics

Professional Grade Optics

The Z CAM S1 features professional grade optics that greatly minimize distortion and flare effects in images, which are common in lower quality optics.

Professional Camera Sync

Professional Camera Sync

The Z CAM S1 has a proprietary professional camera synchronization system, with spectacular precision, which unlike camera rings, guarantees simultaneous recording.

Full metal housing

Full metal housing

The body of the Z CAM S1 is made entirely of aluminum, which greatly helps in the dissipation of heat during long recording sessions and gives you greater resistance to friction and small impacts.

4 side z cam s1

Smaller cameras are the best, however, it is necessary to find a balance between heat dissipation and size. The body of the camera is an aluminum alloy that helps keep electronics cool. The Z CAM S1 can run for hours without overheating.

AC/DC Power Adapter socket

AC/DC Power Adapter socket

The Z CAM S1 has a socket in its base to connect an AC / DC power adapter. In this way, you can record for hours without fear of running out of battery. This is not the connector for to attach the detachable battery unit to make the camera portable.

Detachable battery unit

Detachable battery unit

The detachable battery unit allows the Z CAM S1 to operate autonomously without the need to plug in a power outlet. •Using 4X 18650 Standard Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Cells, Z CAM S1 can recording for approximately 120 minutes.

HDMI and Ethernet ports

HDMI and Ethernet ports

Through its 4 HDMI outputs (1080p) you can watch live what your 4 cameras are recording. The Ethernet output allows you to connect to a computer to transfer files quickly, display streaming content (4K equirectangular) and manage camera settings.

SD Cards

SD Cards

For video storage, the Z CAM S1 has 4 SD slots. The resolution of the video stored on each SD card is 4K 30fps, but can be modified to 2.7K 60fps. The SD card must have a minimum size of 32GB (approximately 50 minutes) and a maximum of 128GB.

Balance de blancos automático

Automatic exposure and white balance

Camera rig solutions use individual camera’s Automatic Exposure & Automatic White Balance which are not coordinated, resulted in not harmonized images.

The Z CAM S1 use four Sony sensors, but only a single PCB. As a result, we can get perfect synchronization between the cameras, which is virtually impossible when you connect a number of GoPro cameras together.

The Automatic Exposure and Automatic White Balance configured in the Z CAM S1 are professional grade. For this, the most demanding tests have been carried out during its design.

Image tunning & Optimization

The image tuning is based on spectacular Z CAM E1 system launched in 2015.

The Z CAM S1 is able to generate video with 4K at 60fps o 6K at 30fps resolution, but no all is resolution, image quality is far more important than the number of pixels a camera delivers and that is where Z CAM S1 camera really shines. For its creation, they have talked to VR studios and content creators and all of them are looking for a better VR camera.

The continuous improvement and optimization of the internal software of the camera, make the Z CAM S1 can surpass in quality the leading sports cameras in the market.

Optimización y ajuste de imagen
Z CAM battery pack

Z CAM S1 battery unit

Through the battery unit of the Z CAM S1, we can make recordings without having to worry about having an electric outlet nearby. The duration of the batteries will depend on the capacity of the same, being able to reach a maximum of 120 minutes at full load.

The batteries are inserted into the battery unit in a plastic module with space for the 4 18650 standard rechargeable batteries.

Unlike other cameras or 360 solutions, the Z CAM S1 uses conventional batteries, which makes it easier to change and cheaper to buy more units.

360º photos with Z CAM S1

The Z CAM S1 also can to take photos in 360 degree with no blind spots. This feature is currently under development.

Comparative of spherics 360º solutions

Z CAM S1GoPro OmniOther camera ring
StructureSingle cameraMulti camera ringMulti camera ring
AC/DC Power adapterStandardOptionalOptional
Battery unitDetachable, one pc6 x in-camera batteriesinternal or more tan 1
Full set open APIYesNoNo
Ethernet portYesNoNo
Coordinated AE & AWBYesNoNo
Continous recordingUp to 120 min or more tan 4 hoursSeveral intervals¿¿¿???

Amazing picture quality

Technical specifications

Camera (hardware)
Body constructionFull metal housing, aluminium alloy
Video processor4 x Ambarella A9 S75 Processors
Image sensor4 x Sony EXMOR CMOS image sensors
Sensor typeRolling shutter
Lens4 x All-Glass 190º Fisheye Lens
Microphones4 x Directional mono microphones
Dimensions9,2cm x 14,2cm (diameter x height)
Battery unit
Batteries4 x Batteries 18650 standard Li-ion rechargeables
Dimensions7,7cm x 10,4cm (diameter x height)
Weight0,37Kg (without batteries)
Recording timeUpto 120 minutes
AC/DC Power connector
OutputDC 12v 5A
Recording time> 4 hours
External4 x SD Cards up to 128GB (SDXC Class 10 is recomended)
Recording time (Aprox.)With SD card 32GB: ~50 minutes
Video4 x Mini HDMI ports, 1080p @60fps
Network1 x Gigabit Ethernet (Control & settings)
Camera (Software)
Image exposureCoordinated auto exposure
White balanceCoordinated auto white balance
Synchronization between sensorsZ CAM proprietary synchronization solution
Video encodingH.264 high profile
Bitrate for 4K UHD60Mbps
File format.MOV
Professional gamma settingsZ-Log (a propietary Z CAM gamma setting for professionals that require postproduction flexibility)
Audio CodingAAC
ISOAuto, Manual (ISO 100 - 3200)
Ajustes de imagen
Manual shutter angleYes
Image File transferYes
Available inhttps://github.com/imaginevision
4K4K @60fps
6K6K @30fps (after stitching)
2,7K2,7K @60fps
Each camera2704 x 1520 @60fps / 3840 x 2160 @30fps
Live streamingEach sensor output is 2K. The resulting image is 4K
Software client
Operating Systems SupportedWindows, Mac

Impressive dynamic range

Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software

Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software


What is the Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software?

VR content creators must to concentrate on creation of contents and no need to bother with the technical limitations. They need a professional, powerful and easy  video stitching solution.

Based on Z CAM current algorithm, this software can stitch without visible seam when objects come across from one lens direction to another. The Z CAM Team have been working on optical flow based stitching software development and made very good progress so far.

One set Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software, provides real time stitching for live streaming, automatic offline stitching optical flow based. Only works with Z CAM S1

The Z CAM S1 360º Video Stitching Software is not included with the camera. It is sold separately.

How can I use the Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software?

Before you shoot, just set up the camera in position, check the view angle using the live view through etherent, and just hit the record button.

When you get back, connect the camera to the computer via ethernet, select the image files in batch and one click to stitch. After the stitching process, you will get a seamlessly stitched video file for your post processing work flow.

Why buy the Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software?

The Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software solution is different from existing stitching software. Offline stitching will be optical flow based and flawless. It will be one click stitching and no side effect when object is crossing the cameras.

It has been designed specifically for the Z CAM S1 and is the BEST solution to stitch your vídeos. No other stitching software can offer such good results as It.

Capture and stream fully immersive 360 video instantly

Unboxing videos

Videos filmed with Z CAM S1

Z CAM S1 test footage shot in Cologne Früh am Dom, and then stitched fully automatic by Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software (test release) without post processing.

Z CAM S1 test footage shot in Santa Monica, and then stitched fully automatic by Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software (test release) without post processing.

Sample footage (stitched, shot in Times Square)

Z CAM S1 test footage – close proximity & low light performance, stitched fully automatic by Z CAM 360º Video Stitching Software (test reléase)

Possible uses of Z CAM S1

Vídeo Aereo

Aereal Video

By connecting the camera to a drone, you can take photos and videos in 360 degree from different heights.

Realidad Virtual

Virtual Reality

Create virtual tours easily with the Z CAM S1 camera



Real State

Real estate and hotels can take 360 spherical degree images for their web catalogs



Record your events in 360 spherical degrees and few live them again see them

Deportes de Accion

Action Sports

The Z CAM S1 camera can be your best companion while practicing your favorite sport



Follow the action from the point of view you want



Take pictures and videos of your travels in 360 spherical degrees to feel again these there every time you see them


Theater / opera / concerts…

Feel all the excitement of the show from wherever you want

In the box


Z CAM S1 camera


Lens protector


Detachable battery unit (Without batteries)


AC/DC power adapter unit


Power connection cables (EU)


Quick User Guide



Expertos en 360 grados esféricos.

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