Here you can find answers for your frequently questions about the Z CAM S1 camera.

Z cam S1 will have a waterproof case?

Not planned. A protective case would have adverse effect on heat dissipation.

Z cam S1 will have a shockproof case?

Not planned. Protective case would have adverse effect on heat dissipation.

Can I choose the color of my Z CAM S1?

Not planned. Z CAM S1 only has one color option.

Is the Z CAM S1 water-resistant/waterproof?

No, the camera out of the box will not be considered water-resistant or waterproof.

Does Z CAM S1 have night vision?

Not planned. 

What video stitching software can be used with Z CAM S1?

There are many video stitching software available in the market. But we also provide a 360° video stitching software,  which offers both real time and offline stitching (automatic and optical flow based).

What is the resolution of Z CAM S1? How to select it?

The default resolution of Z CAM S1 is 4K 30fps per image sensor, with all four image sensor, it would give a 6K 30fps spherical resolution output after stitching. By putting a special configuration file onto each of the SD card, the resolution of Z CAM S1 can be changed to 2.7K 60fps, which would give a 4K 60fps spherical resolution output after stitching. Once used, Z CAM S1 would memorize the new resolution until another configuration file is put into the SD card to change it.

What can I do with the Ethernet port on Z CAM S1?

There is a full set open API (here), expert users can control and set the Z CAM S1 through the Ethernet port, in addition to retrieve image files and live view possibilities through external solutions.

What is the input voltage of Z CAM S1’s power adapter? What is the power plug standard?
The input voltage of Z CAM S1 AC/DC power adapter is 100~240V. We provide three power plugs in the standard package, which would suit US, EU, UK and China standard.
Is battery included? What battery cell is Z CAM S1 using?

There is a battery compartment but we do not provide battery cells in the standard package. Four standard 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery cells are required for battery unit operation.

These batteries are right.

What kind of SD card should be used? What is the maximum capacity supported?

We highly recommend to use SDXC class 10 memory card for best performance. We support up to 128G SD card.

This SD card is right.

Can you live stream in 4k 60fps and 6k 30fps?

Live can be 4K30p for sure. 6K is what the manufacturer is targeting to do but still working on the possibility because normal GPU can’t do hardware encoding for 6K.

How many stops dynamic range has the sensor?

Z CAM S1 sensor is using rolling shutter. For moving shots it’s always better to have gimbal.

What software is used to offload recordings from the SD cards via file transfer over ethernet?

Z CAM S1 client. Files can be fetched to the computer one by one, not simultaneous. Speed depends on SD card, cable and computer. There are four IP addresses, one for each sensors.

Does the camera also record audio?

Yes of course, Z CAM S1 has 4 x directional mono microphone.

Is there a blind spot on images?

As you can see in the videos recorded with Z CAM S1, no blind spot, except it is created if the camera is attached to a long tripod or something big closest to the camera.

Does take photos for use in Panorama tours, HDR and Time Lapse etc?

Z CAM S1 is primarily for video but what you may do is to export one of the frames after stitching and that becomes a 360º photo. Maximum resolution is 6K x 3K. You may also set the camera (through the ethernet port) to shot in different ways including time lapse, but not HDR. We will try to include still photo feature later.

What program can I use to edit my photos/videos?

Videos are stored in the Z CAM S1’s onboard SD card as MOV files. You can edit the files as you would any others in that file format using a standard editing softwares.

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