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The camera with an extremely high resolution, easy to use and fully automated stitching, the only one of its kind in the field of panoramic photography.

Its outstanding image quality allows a high zoom level and extra-high resolution.

Thanks to HDR, it provides detailed and attractive colour images, even in the case of motifs with extreme differences in brightness.

Create and share your images in 360 spherical degrees easily through the web and mobile application.

Panono App

The Panono app combines all key functions and directly controls the Panono 360° Camera. Additionally, public panoramas can be explored and personal recordings can be viewed, edited, and shared instantly.

You can scroll through the image using touch, gyroscope or VR mode.

To experiment with virtual reality, insert your phone into a virtual reality helmet, wear it and enjoy looking up, down, and all around you to immerse yourself in the image.

Essential Functions:

  • Setting of exposure time, ISO, white balance and HDR
  • Remote controlled trigger of the Panono 360° Camera
  • Preview of the 360° potos
  • Transfer of the image data to the Panono cloud for stitching
  • Spatial exploration of your own pictures and those open to the public
  • Managing and sharing of panoramas
App Panono en Google Play
App Panono en Itunes
Seguridad Panono

Share your photos or keep them private.

With 3 levels of security, you can share your photos the way that best suits your needs, easily and quickly.


Editing 360 spherical degrees images

Editar Panono

You can edit and retouch your photos in 360 spherical degrees made with the Panono, with any standard editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint.Net and others.

In VidePan we recommend edit the equirectangulares files (which can be downloaded) instead of the multiplexed, since the aspect ratio is recognized by most editing programs.

Possible uses of Panono

Foto Aerea

Aerial photo

Connected to a drone, you can take photos in 360 spherical degree from the heights
Realidad Virtual

Virtual Reality

Create virtual tours easily with the Panono camera


Real Estate

Real estate and hotels can take 360 spherical degree images for their web catalogs



Photograph your events in 360 degree spherical and few live them again see them

Deportes de Accion

Action Sports

The Panono camera can be your best companion while practicing your favorite sport



Take pictures of your travels in 360 spherical degrees to feel again these there every time you see them


Diameter 11 cm
Weight approximately 480 g
Cameras 36 fixed-focus cameras
Resolution 108 megapixels
Panono app iOS 7+ and Android 4.2+
Charging via USB cable
Storage capacity 16 GB, approximately 600 Panono shots
Connection WiFi
Security features Theftprotect mode


Tamaño Panono

In the box


Panono camera


USB 2.0 cable




Safety Guide

Panono Box

Unboxing of Panono

Panono Accessories


Panono Adapter

The Panono 360° Camera can easily be attached to a tripod for staged shots in darker areas. This is where the Panono Adapter comes into play. The adapter can also charge the camera whilst in use.


Panono Stick

The Panono Stick makes spontaneous photos easy. The camera attaches to the stick and is manually controlled by a button on the handle. The ultimate 360° selfie? No problem with the Panono Stick!


Panono Case

The Panono Case keeps your Panono 360° Camera free from dust and dirt and allows you to carry it safely.


Panono Messenger Bag

In addition to an extra pocket for the Panono 360° Camera, the Panono Messenger Bag offers sufficient storage for all of the Panono accessories and a laptop.

Unboxing Panono accessories

Frequent questions


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