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Here you can find answers for your questions about the Bublcam camera.

Does it bring Bublcam a MicroSD card?
No, you must purchase it separately. To help you choose the size of the card to buy, recommend a Micro SD card 8GB minimum. You might think that 8GB isn’t a lot, but keep in mind we have optimized our video so you will be able to get almost 2 hours of footage and about 4000 high resolution photographs with your brand 8GB card.
Here are the SD card requirements:
  • MicroSD or MicroSDHC
  • Al least Class 10 UHS-1
  • FAT32 formatted (FAT16 formatted will not work)
  • Maximum 32GB
Can I choose the color of my Bublcam?

Currently the available colors are: Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black.

Will the Bublcam work with my tablet, Smartphone?
Bubl has built an iOS application that will allow you to wirelessly connect to your bublcam to record, view and share photos and video right from within the app. It works with both iPhones and iPads.

As with the Apple platform, Android devices have an application to record, view and share your photos and videos from the same application.

How is the outer casing?

The outer case has an aluminum skeleton that is quite rigid.

Is the bublcam water-resistant/waterproof?

No, the camera out of the box will not be considered water-resistant or waterproof. The camera will require a special housing.

Does Bublcam have night vision?

No. There are plans to build infrared lights in a ring around the lenses to provide light for recording in night mode, as have the cameras more oriented segment of the security.

What voltage does supports Bublcam?

The bublcam is charged through its Micro USB port and can be plugged into an Micro USB compliant power source.

Can I mount bublcam on a tripod, wall, ceiling, helmet, etc.?

For sure. You can mount the camera anywhere that you can place a standard ¼” 20 thread tripod mount. Including utilizing GoPro mounts.

Is there a wall adapter for charging?
Yes, there will be a small AC, 110V USB wall adapter that will be included for EU.
What is included in the SDK for developers?

The SDK includes access to your private area “private github repo” which offers a bookshops releasing bublcam go to your developments through Bublcam API.

Does Bubl provide a service cloud storage or a type for uploading online content?

The bubl web player has the ability to playback video files stored anywhere on the internet including publically available cloud files. We see the real power of bublcam being the ability to shoot remotely, store anywhere and share with anyone as a cornerstone of the bubl brand.

Is there more information on the quality of the image?

Equirectangular image depends on the speed of the camera. The display of Bubl we do not produce an image output equirectangular since this is “stitched” in real time. The video output of the Bublcam can be “stitched” in video equirectangular format using applications or VideoStitch Kolor and the output should be produced on 30fps 1600×800 and 2200×1100 at 15 fps. High frequencies (fps) and very high resolutions without compression are not now possible with Bublcam.

Does Zoom?

The zoom can be adjusted on the display to simulate it, but for now Bublcam has no zoom.

Is it possible to mount Bublcam a drone?

Of course, in VidePan recommend mounting Bublcam on our drones to be able to collect the media and thus have complete shooting angle.

Does Bublcam built-in microphone?

Bublcam has a mono microphone located immediately below the “bubl” button. Since the camera can record in all directions, the easiest, quickest and easiest way to avoid the noise produced by wind is turning the camera. In tests it has been proven to work properly, for example, in video transmission, but videos action sports such as skydiving, coming wind from many directions during the fall, some wind noise is observed.

Is there a blind spot on images?

As you can see in the videos recorded with BublCam, no blind spot, except it is created if the camera is attached to a long tripod or something big closest to the camera.

Bublcam is Autofocus or fixed- focus?

Fixed focus is.

Is it possible to record video continuously on the Micro SD card being connected to external power?


What is the maximum recording time in one shot?

We’re not sure but theoretically until the end of the battery or memory. An 8GB card will store approximately ~ 2h video in MP4. 32GB can result in about 8 hours of video.

Does replaceable battery?

The current design of the camera does not allow to change the batteries. It is something to consider in future designs. However, they have been implemented in a camera base contacts to allow connection to a base station or a loading.

Real time clock

Bublcam has a real time clock.

Bublcam features geotagging features.
Photographic Options
Bracketed Images (Same photo taken several times with different exposures): Yes

  • Access uncompressed images: Yes
  • Time lapse: Set the Bublcam to timelapse mode with a minimum of 15 seconds image capture intervals
  • Access control modes for shooting predetermined levels of exposure: If SDK.
  • Support HDR.

Bublcam has a 3-axis accelerometer which can be accessed through the application of computer or mobile. They are working on a software update that allows selecting a point photo or a specific address so regardless of the movements of the camera focus point remains, stabilizing the image despite the movements that you make.

Upside down Video

Bublcam has a reverse characteristic to allow video to be placed on roofs, drones, etc …

Battery life

The approximate battery life is 1.5 hours of recording time in 720p and is close to two hours in 1080. For battery charging can be done using a USB cable (included with purchase besides the wall charging adapter).

Support for Oculus Rift

It is supported by the API and SDK.

Flash / Lighting

The current model does not have flash. There are functional reasons that are not implemented the flash light on the camera that deal with the spread between four overlapping images and their difficulty to create an image with good looking.

Integration with Google Street View

Bublcam technology can be integrated with Google Street View for anyone to create their own Google Maps.

How can I share my photos and videos?

You can share Bubl photos/videos the same way you share anything else – through the link to the player. If you click on “Share” within the mobile app or on the web, you will get a link that you can share anywhere.

What program can I use to edit my photos/videos?

Photos and videos are stored in the Bublcam’s onboard microSD card as JPG and MP4 files respectively. You can edit the files as you would any others in that file format using a third party software such as Final Cut, Avid, After Effects, Adobe Premiere and other standard editing softwares.

Can I embed your photos/videos in my website?

Yes. You can embed content by simply selecting “Share” and then copying the embed code that is provided.

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